Действия в будущем 62 What are you doing tomorrow?

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Действия в будущем

62 What are you doing tomorrow? Unit 26

Заполните пропуски в разговоре. Используйте настоящее продолженное время или настоящее простое.

Josie Turner is the export manager of a large international company. Harry Brentwood is a customer from Canada. They are trying to arrange an apointment for next week.

(Джози Тернер работает менеджером по экспорту в большой международной кампании. Герри Брентвуд – покупатель из Канады. Они пытаются договориться о встрече на следующей неделе).

JOSIE: Hello, Josie Turner speaking.

harry: Oh Josie, this is Harry Brentwood. How are you? I (i) .I'm

coming... (come) to London on Sunday and I'd like to meet you next week. Can we arrange a time?

JOSIE: I'd love to. When are you free?

harry: Well how about lunch on Monday?

josie: I can't, I'm afraid. (2) I`m having (have) lunch with our new Chairman. Tuesday at 10.30?

harry: No, no good. Dennis, my London agent, (3)..is comming. (come) to the office. Wednesday afternoon is a possibility.

josie: Not for me. My secretary. Jenny, (4)..is getting married (get married) and all of us (5) are going (go) to the wedding. And on Thursday morning (6)..I`m driving up (drive) up to Manchester for a meeting with Bill Syms.

harry: What time (7) is the meeting starting (start)? (Почему тут настоящее время?)

josie: 11.30 a.m. I've got an idea! Why don't you come with me? We can talk on the way.

harry: That sounds good. Oh, but wait a minute, I can't. (8)..I`m talking (talk) to a group of business people about Canadian business opportunities at lunchtime.

josie: So Friday, then.

HARRY: Yes. That's the only possibility because my return flight to Montreal (9) leaves (leave) at 9.00 a.m. on Saturday. So, 11.30 a.m. on Friday morning at your office?

JOSIE: Yes, that's perfect. I'm really looking forward to seeing you then.

☺Несколько твоих друзей приглашают тебя принять участие одновременно в нескольких мероприятиях на следующей неделе, но ты не можешь пойти ни с кем из них,потому что ты занят. Напишите о том, что именно ты будешь делать в указанное время.

10 A: There's a party at my house on Tuesday night. Would you like to come?

B: I can't, I'm afraid. ..I`m having dinner with Mary.

11 A: Meet me on Wednesday evening in the city centre.
B: I can't I`m studying english on Wednsday evening.

12 A: See you on Friday at 12.30 p.m. outside the museum. OK?

B: I can’t I`m cooking dinner

13 A: Jim wants you to come to the cinema with us on Saturday afternoon. B: I can’t I`m going to the countryside on Saturday afternoon

63 Используйте данные ниже слова, чтобы дополнить предложения или образовать вопросы. Используйте нужное время.

1 A: Let's meet outside the cinema.

B: What time / the film / start?

What time does the film start?...

A: At7.15p.m.

2 A: What time / you /go/on Friday?

What time are you going on


B: After lunch.

3 A: Hurry up! We're late. The next bus leaves in five minutes. …

B: OK, I'm ready.

4 A: Where are you going at the weekend?

B: I don't know yet.

5 A: Let's get a taxi home after the concert.

B: Why? It doesn’t finish late.

6 A: Jane is working at Brown's Restaurant tonight so she can't come to the party.

B: Oh, that's a pity.

7 A: Why's Frank in bed so early tonight?

B: He leave for France at 5 a.m. tomorrow (почему здесь is living?)

8 A: Where does the next train go to?

B: Bristol, I think.

64 Напишите вопросы в нужном времени....

1 BEN: What / Dad / do? What is Dad doing?

MUM: Paint the kitchen walls.

BEN: What colour is he doing them?

MUM: White.

2 JILL: What are you buying for Paul's birthday?

MEG: I don't know yet.

JILL: Is he having a party? .........

MEG: Yes, on Saturday.

3 TOM: Are you buying a new computer?

SUE: Yes.

TOM: what kind are you getting?

SUE: An Apple Mac, I think.

4 MARY: what Sarah is going to do after university?

JACK: First, she's going to travel.

MARY: how long is she being away? .Марина: по-моему, тут что-то не так! )))

JACK: About six months.

5 PAUL: Are Joe and Kate getting married?

SALLY: Yes, in the autumn.

PAUL: where are they going to live? ........

SALLY: With her parents.

65 Напишите вопросы, используя…нужное время … Unit 27

1 It's only 7 o'clock in the morning but the sun is shining and it's warm. It is going to be a beautiful day. Марина: что-то тут не так???

2 John is driving on the wrong side of the road! It is going to be an accident! (то, что на моих глазах происходит)

3 Carol is eating her third box of chocolates! She is going to be sick!

4 "What a fantastic race! Roger is nearly there! Only 50 metres to the finish and he is getting win! (я что-то не пойму, что тут по-русски должно быть)

5. Look at those boys on that big bicycle! They аre not safe. They are going to fall off!

6. This film is making me feel very sad so I`m going to cry. (Марина: если имеется в виду, что я прямо сейчас заплачу, это так же, как случай, происходящий на моих глазах?)
Will / Shall Units 28-29
66 Прочитайте, что Джордж говорит о своей жизни в настоящий момент и о своем будущем:
Friday 25th
At the moment I have to work very hard. I study at home every night and tonight is the same. I`m at home as usual. I`m in my bedroom with my books.
But tomorrow is Saturday – no college and no work! So tomorrow morning I`ll be probably in the city centre. I want to buy some clothes.

College finishes next month so at the end of the month I`m going on holiday in Paris with my friends.

A few years from now I’ll probably be married.

In 2010 I’ll be 40 years old. My children will probably be at school.

I don’t know where I’ll be in 2020.
Верные или неверные эти предложения? Исправьте предложения, если они неправильные. Используйтe нужное время и нужные вспомогательные глаголы.
1 George is going at the cinema this evening. ..No, he isn’t. He is going to be at home.

2 He'll be in his bedroom. .True. А почему здесь will?

3 Tomorrow morning he will be at college. No, he won`t be in college.

4 Next month he is going to be to Paris. True.

5 He will be on his own. No, he won`t.

6 A few years from now, he'll probably be married. True

  1. He'll be 28 in 2001. No, he won`t

8 His children will probably be at university. No, they won`t

9 He'll be in Paris in 2020. He won`t, he doesn`t know, where he will he in 2020

☺ А вы? Где будете вы? Напишите предложения о себе.

Используйте нужное время.

Все неверно сделала!

This evening i`m going to bed

Tomorrow morning I`m studying english

Next month I`m having driving lessons

A few years from now I will be in seaside

In 2010 I will be great writer

67 Дополните предложения. Используйте нужные вспомогательные глаголы + глагол, данный в таблице Units 28-29
see tell win stay get

1 JANE: I'm going to the big baseball match tonight. My team, Dallas Cowboys, are playing.

BEN: Do you think they`ll win?

JANE: Of course. They're the best!
2 KATH: The new man in the sales department doesn't look very happy.

LUCY: No, I don't think he will stay very long.

3 PAT: Don't say anything to John about the surprise party on Saturday.

SUE: Don't worry. I won’t tell him.

4 FRED: You look sad. What's the matter?

ZOE: My grandparents are on their way to Australia. They're going to live there, so I probably won`t to see them

FRED: Why not? You can go there for a holiday.
5 SAM: Tony and Maria have known each other for a long time.

TINA: Yes. I think they will get

married soon.

SAM: I don't think so. They haven't got any money

68 У вашей бабушки есть некоторые проблемы. Предложите помочь ей. Напишите предложения в нужном времени

My eyes are not good. I can't read Jane's letter.

I'm thirsty.

It's a bit cold in here.

I can't open this packet of biscuits.

I can't hear what that man on TV is saying.

The dog needs some exercise.

I think the kitchen floor is dirty.

1 Shall I read it to you?

2 Shal I bring you a cup of tea?

3 Shal I close the window?

4 Shal I open it for you?

5 Shal I turn it up?

6 Shal I take him for a walk?

7 Shall I clean it for you?

69 Джо и Фил были в походе в Португалии в прошлом году. Сейчас они планируют свой следующий отпуск. Напишите вопросы в нужном времени. Сначала посмотрите на ответы.

Тут я все не правильно сделала. А почему тут shall /will везде? Интуитивно я чувствую, что я не правильно сделала, но к правилам это все не подходит, по-моему.

JOE: It's time to start planning this summer's holiday. Where (1) are we going?....

PHIL: Let's go to Portugal again. I enjoyed it last year.

JOE: (2) Are we staying in the same hotel?

PHIL: No, let's try something different. How about camping?

JOE: Great! I bought a new tent last year. (3) Are we taking that?

PHIL: Yes, let's. (4)......Are we driving or flying? (Нет, тут что-то не так, а как?)

JOE: Oh, drive I think because we'll have a lot of luggage.

PHIL: When (5) are we going off?

JOE: The middle of July is best for me. How about you?

PHIL: July is fine for me, too. (6). Is Tony going to come with us?

JOE: No. The tent is only big enough for two people!

Повторение (действия в будущем) Units 26-29
70 Используйте глаголы в нужном времени.
1 I usually see (see) my parents at the weekend but this -weekend I can't because they are going (go) to London.

2 Julian has a holiday later this year. Normally he goes on holiday in July, but this year he can't.

3 Sue doesn’t stay often at home in the evenings but tonight she ..is staying (stay) in because there's an important football match on TV.

4 are you taking (you / take) your exam next month? Do you want (you / want) to borrow my notes?

5 I`m cooking (cook) the meals this weekend. Normally, Jane does it but she's away all weekend.
71 Чтобы бы вы сказали в данных ситуациях? Используйте нужное время.
1 Jane tells you she cannot play tennis tonight because her partner is ill. You offer to play with her. What do you say? ..I`ll stay with you.
2 Your young brother breaks his favourite toy train. He's very sad. You offer to buy him another one. What do you say? .Don`t cry! I`ll buy you the new one.........

3 You and your sister have arranged to go shopping tomorrow. A friend invites you to lunch. What do you say? I can't come I`m going to shopping with my sister.

4 You're flying to Athens this afternoon. Your mother wants to know that you have arrived safely. You offer to telephone her this evening. What do you say? I`ll call you this evening!

5 Your brother. Tony, and his wife, Rachel, come to dinner once a week at your house. Tonight is the night. What do you say to your mother? Don't forget that Tony is coming tonight!

6 Frank wants to go to the cinema to see 'Black Nights'. It's a horror film and you know he doesn't like horror films. What do you say to him? I don't think ....

7 Julia wants to know about your weekend plans. What does she ask you? What are you doing at the weekend?

8 Your plan is to stay at home all weekend. What do you say to Julia? I`m staying at home all weekend.
72 Правильно ли употреблены подчеркнутые слова? Исправьте предложения, если они неправильные.
1 The new road shall be open in the summer. The road will be open in the summer.

2 The exam starts at 8.30 tomorrow. ..right

3 I've got my ticket. I will go to Spain. I`m going to Spain

4 You look tired. Sit down. I'm making you a cup of coffee. I`ll make you a cup of coffee.

5 What time is the sun rising tomorrow? Right

6 Where do you go for lunch today? Where are you going for lunch today?

7 Shall we learn Spanish next year right

8 Do you think it is raining later? Do you think it will be raining later?

9 I can't come because I'll be on holiday.. right

10 (on the phone) It's Ann you want to speak to. Just one minute, please. I'm going to call her. I`ll call…..

11 Don't worry about me, Mum. I'll write to you every day from the States. Right

73 Составьте и запишите предложения, там, где это

нужно в диалогах:
1 present continuous or will?
JANE: What did Jack say on the phone?

ANNE: He / have / a party on Saturday.

He’s having a party on Sunday.

JANE: you / go? Аre you going?

ANNE: Yes. I like Jack's parties,

JANE: Did he invite me, too?

ANNE: Yes, but you can't come, can you?

JANE: No, I / be / away at the weekend.

No, I’ll be away on the weekend.
2 present simple or going to?
TOM: Great! That's the end of school for a few weeks.

LUCY: When is the next term begining? ....:……………………….

TOM: On September 3rd.

LUCY: What are you going to do during the holidays? ..................?

TOM: I don't know yet. What about you?

LUCY: I don’t finish until next week. Then, I`m going to look for a job for the summer. ………………………………..

3 will or going to?
VAL: Do you want to play tennis on Friday?

BEN: I can't. I`m going to visit my grandmother. ....................

VAL: Does she live near?

BEN: Not really. About 100 kms away. But my car isn't working at the moment. I`m going to take it to the garage. ………..

VAL: I`ll lend you mine. I don't need it on Friday

BEN: Oh, thank you, I`ll buy the petrol. .... ......................................................

4 present continuous or will?
JACK: Is everybody coming to the meeting on Friday afternoon?

РАМ: Most people.

JACK: you think it will be a long meeting?

РАМ: I'm not sure. It probably will be about 3 hours. Why? ………………

JACK: I`m going to the dentist at 5.30. I made the appointment two weeks ago.….

Упр. 62

  1. am having 6 am driving

  2. is coming 7 does…start

  3. is getting 8 am talking

  4. are going 9 leaves

Упр. 63

  1. The next bus leaves in 5 minutes

  2. Where are you going at the weekend?

  3. It doesn’t finish late.

  4. Jane is working at Brown’s Restaurant tonight so she can’t come to the party.

  5. He’s leaving for France at 5 o’clock tomorrow.

  6. Where does the next train go to?

Упр. 64

  1. What are you going to buy for Paul’s birthday? …Is he going to have a party?

  2. Are you going to buy a new computer? …What kind are you going to get?

  3. What is Sarah going to do after university?… How long is she going to be away?

  4. Are Joe and Kate going to get married? … Where are they going to live?

Упр. 65

  1. He’s going to have / There’s going to be

  2. She’s going to be

  3. He’s going to

  4. They are going to

  5. I’m going to

Упр. 66

  1. No, he won’t. He’ll probably be in the city center.

  2. True

  3. No, he won’t. He’ll be with his friends.

  4. True

  5. No, he won’t. He’ll be 31.

  6. No, they won’t. They’ll probably be at school.

  7. He doesn’t know where he’ll be in 2020.

Example answers:

This evening I’ll probably be at home. Tomorrow morning I’ll be ay school.
Упр. 67

2 ‘ll stay 3 won’t tell 4 won’t see 5 ’ll get

Упр. 68

2 shall I make / get 3 shall I close 4 shall I do / open

5 shall I turn 6 shall I take 7 shall I clean / wash
Упр. 69

2 shall we stay 3 shall we use / take 4 shall we drive / go by car

5 shall we go 6 shall we ask / invite
Упр. 70

2 is having..goes 3 doesn’t often stay…is staying

4 Are you taking… Do you want 5 am cooking..does
Упр. 71

2 I’ll buy you another one 3 I’m going shopping with my sister.

4 I’ll telephone you this evening.

5 Tony and Rachel are coming to dinner tonight.

6 I don’t think you’ll like it.

7 What are you doing at the weekend?

8 I’m staying at home all weekend.
Упр. 72

3 am going 4 ‘ll make 5 does…rise 6 are you going

7 right 8 ‘ll rain 9 right 10 ‘ll call 11 right
Упр. 73


When does the next term begin? What are you going to do during…

I don’t finish until…Then, I’m going to look for a job…


I’m going to visit… I’m going to take it to… I’ll lend you mine. I’ll buy the petrol.


Is everybody coming to the meeting? Do you think it’ll be a long…? It’ll probably be about… I’m going to the dentist…

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