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I have chosen photo number …

1 абзац «Вступление» для ВСЕХ случаев:

I’m keen on taking photos! I have got a semi-professional ultrathin camera. It’s always with me because it fits my pockets perfectly and it’s very easy to use it: just push the button and have a striking photo rich in colors! The most marvelous thing is that my camera has wireless connection with my social networks, so you can see all my photos on my Facebook or Instagram page.

2 абзац «Когда было сделано фото»:

Для одного (нескольких) друзей или семьи на фото. Только для семьи нельзя использовать фразу During my school day.

Ermm… Look at this photo! I took it last year. It was the 15th of … during my summer/winter/summer/autumn holidays OR during my school day. Также можно описать, в каком городе, при каких обстоятельствах было сделано это фото. НО ни в коем случае НЕ описываем действия, происходящие на картинке (это другой абзац). It was a remarkable day! The weather was miserable/ The weather was gorgeous/ It was pouring with rain/ There was not a cloud in the sky/ It was baking hot/ It was freezing cold. Если говоришь, что погода была плохая, то после фразы It was a remarkable day нужно сказать обязательно Despite the weather was miserable или Despite it was freezing cold.

3 абзац: «Кто/ что на фото»:

Для друга (друзей):

In this photo you can see my friend(s). His (her/their) name(s) is(are) Jenja. S(he) is my close friend, we go back a long way: we have been together since childhood and always spend our free time together.

+ Описать ЧТО находится на заднем/переднем плане, кроме людей. Например, in the background you can see…

Если на фото семья, то:

In this photo you can see my family: my mother, my father and my sister (brother). We all get on really well and so we’re always happy doing the same things and going to the same places. Certainly sometimes we have ups and downs but we love each other!

+ Описать ЧТО находится на заднем/переднем плане, кроме людей. Например, in the background you can see…

4 абзац «Что происходит на фото»:

Well… In this photo Jenja is …….. (что-то делает) …….. (где это делает). Еще одно предложение с описанием самой ситуации, происходящей с Женей. His (her) facial expression is reflecting all his (her) emotions. He (she) is bright and happy about this situation. He (she) is high spirits because everything is splendid!

5 абзац «Почему вы сделали это фото»:

I couldn’t help taking this photo! My camera was with me as usual, the moment was so convenient! My friend(s) revealed all his (her/their) feelings and was so impressed by the situation, so I took this photo.

6 абзац «Почему вы показали это фото»:

By the way, would you like to join us as we are going to spend our next weekend together? Don’t doubt! It will be an unforgettable one and you will get fantastic impressions! I’d like you to go with us. That’s why I have shown this picture to you!
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