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“Легко ли быть молодым”

Исследовательский проект (учебное пособие В.П. Кузовлева

ENGLISH 10–11, Раздел 4, Is It Easy to Be Young?)

Исследовательские проекты требуют:

  • хорошо продуманной структуры;

  • четкой формулировки целей;

  • актуальности для всех участников;

  • социальной значимости;

  • экспериментальных и опытных работ или социологического опроса;

  • продуманных методов сбора данных и обработки результатов.

Исходя из вышеперечисленных требований, учащиеся 11-х классов провели работу над исследовательским проектом в конце изучения темы “Легко ли быть молодым?”


Познавательный аспект

  • Учить каждого ученика самостоятельно добывать знания;

  • формировать лексические умения: закрепить лексические единицы по теме;

  • формировать грамматические умения: закрепить грамматическую структуру Complex Object;

  • формировать навыки чтения публицистических текстов.

Развивающий аспект

  • Развитие познавательной деятельности – умения обобщать, анализировать, рассуждать, доказывать;

  • развитие умения извлекать нужную информацию из периодических изданий на английском языке;

  • развитие умения проводить социологический опрос;

  • развитие умения оформлять проект, систематизировать материал;

  • развитие умения защищать свой проект.

Воспитывающий аспект

  • Формировать гражданскую позицию и отношение к глобальным проблемам (преступности, наркомании, деградации личности);

  • осознавать ответственность перед семьей и обществом за судьбу своего поколения;

  • формировать позитивное отношение к здоровому образу жизни.

Перед началом индивидуальной работы над темой среди учащихся был проведен опрос. Ученица 11-го “В” класса Чугунова Ольга составила приведенную ниже анкету и попросила двадцать подростков, своих одноклассников, заполнить ее. Итоги этого опроса были проанализированы, затем Ольга прокомментировала их во время презентации своего проекта.


What is your opinion? Being a teenager is …
(complete the sentence, choose your variant)

Таким образом, учащиеся в работе над проектом использовали: результаты опроса мнения одноклассников, публицистические тексты на английском и русском языках, материалы изучаемого раздела учебника В.П. Кузовлева, слоганы, найденные в сети Интернет, свои рисунки и вырезанные из журналов фотографии для коллажей.

Далее приведены тексты, написанные учащимися для устных высказываний во время защиты проекта.


I think that the teenage years are the most wonderful years in our life. At this age we start a new adult life. We get more and more freedom. We can go to parties, discos, cafes, etc. We can have a lot of fun with our friends. At this age we start dating. It’s really cool. We can start traveling around the world if our parents can afford it and give us some money for the trip. Then it’s possible to have an unforgettable experience visiting different places and meeting new people. Some students from our school have visited England, Malta and other countries where they have taken courses of the English language. It was great.

Of course, now teenagers have a lot more to worry about than their parents did. Violence, teen pregnancy, alcohol, drugs and AIDS cases are increasing. Still I think that the teenage years are the best time of your life and you will never experience anything like that when you are a middle-aged person.

So, in my opinion, if teenagers have a sober mind, they won’t get into trouble. Being a teenager is great; we must take life easy.

By Irina Baranova


The world is becoming a very scary place. More and more teens are turning to drugs and alcohol. Young people are under pressure of their mates who say it’s just fun to smoke and drink beer. They are influenced by adults who choose unhealthy lifestyles. A lot of kids associate drinking alcohol with adulthood. Many of them associate taking drugs with having a great party and real fun. Curiosity is one of the motives, too.

TV commercials influence people’s minds greatly. Teenagers don’t realize that when they start drinking beer, it’s destroying them and is very profitable for those who sell it and make big money.

Many teenagers also have family problems. Some parents don’t pay much attention to what their children do. Their personal problems make them indifferent to their children’s problems, no matter whether they are school problems or drinking problems. Some other parents want their children to get only good grades and go to university after school. It’s too hard for quite a large number of teenagers.

My opinion is based on a report that I have read in a newspaper. Psychologists think that it’s destructive to set high goals that children can’t reach. It was mentioned in the report that excellent students commit suicide more often than those who do not care about their studies.

So, in my opinion, personal problems combined with the negative influence of mates and indifference of the society to young people’s problems make being a teenager very fearful.

By Kristina Koshevaya


According to the survey carried out in our class, seven people think that it’s exciting to be a teenager. Four people think it’s fun, three people – it’s great, two people – it’s a chore, one person – it’s romantic, one person – it’s not easy, one person – it’s dangerous, one person – it’s fearful. To sum it up, we can say that most teenagers in our class are not pessimistic about their teenage years. They find it exciting to live in our neighborhood and study in our school.

Some other students have problems with their studies and parents, but they don’t think that it spoils their lives completely. Those students who believe it’s dangerous and fearful to be a teenager are very much concerned about the problems of our society. They feel unprotected and uncertain about their future. I think we should take into consideration their concerns. We should help our classmates who have problems.

As for me, I am sure that our teenage years are the best years of our lives. When you are a teenager you have enough freedom to do something that you will never do when you are adult.

Teens spend a lot of time with their mates. We often go out together, visit some interesting places, or just talk. We can share our ideas with each other, discuss different problems. It’s a time when we can make real friends and keep these friendships for the rest of our lives. Some teenagers can even form a subculture. It’s great when joining together in a group involves such activities as listening to music, dancing, doing sports, reading books, taking part in competitions, etc. Maybe later on we won’t have any possibilities to do this.

To my mind, romantic relations play an important role in our lives. Teenagers fall in love for the first time. It’s a real event! Sometimes they suffer when it’s unrequited love but other times the affectionate feeling is shared by both. What a great experience! It might seem naпve at first but I feel sorry for people who have never fallen in love, no matter how long it lasted.

By Olga Chugunova


Many people think that being a teenager is great and exciting. It’s true. But I think it’s not as easy as it seems at first. Young people have a lot of problems. Nowadays we have a lot of things to worry about because problems at school and problems with parents can result in violence, teen pregnancy, drinking alcohol and taking drugs.

It was awful to learn that according to a report, every day about 10 children die from guns or commit suicide in the USA. As for Russia, the situation is growing worse and worse, too. Here is a rating of the most common causes of teenage suicide in our country: 1) rape; 2) getting into debt and being unable to repay it; 3) drugs; 4) school problems; 5) loneliness; 6) unrequited love. I was shocked to read a newspaper article about a 17-year old guy who committed suicide because his parents didn’t let him marry the girl he loved.

Teenagers are not safe today. Not only the world, but their own homes become scary places for them. It’s awful when parents are alcohol abusers and treat their children badly. Then kids become outcasts. They also miss classes and don’t do their homework. As a result, they quit school and leave home. Soon they may become drug users and criminals.

In my opinion, it’s difficult to be a teenager. All children should feel that they are cared for. It’s necessary that school teachers and the government help us to cope with the problems.

By Tanya Leluyk


I think that to be a teenager is great fun. In my opinion, young people don’t have very serious problems like adults do. Their only problem is studies. In spite of all the difficulties of teenage life, to be a teenager is cool.

I’m a teenager and I feel great about being young. I can visit teenage clubs, parties, see my friends and enjoy my teenage years to the max. I have a lot of friends, schoolmates and classmates who are very nice to me. Most of my friends are fans of a music group or a singer. We collect posters and records, and visit concerts regularly. We navigate the Internet to download music, find information and exchange news. I am a fan of Linkin Park and as any real fan I have my own values connected with the music I listen to and the singer I admire. I don’t have any problems with free time activities. I have lots of exciting things to do.

Well, a lot of young people have problems with their families, parents, teachers, girlfriends or boyfriends. But they will find a way out and become happy, I think.

By Helen Kholodulina


Of course, at our age we have a lot of problems dealing with parents, studying at school and associating with mates. Any human being can have personal problems like bad health, putting on weight, bad skin and hair, zits, long nose or big ears, and so on. Some teenagers think that such problems are serious and there is no way out. I’m sure it’s false. Most 15-17 year-olds I met were very nice and smart. Moreover, I talked to many older people and most of them remember their teenage years as the best time of their lives.

Young people are very active. They move around a lot and find time for all possible adventures. Apart from having school studies teenagers do sports, play musical instruments, and go in for dancing. I know teenagers who are keen on martial arts like tae kwon do. Some others have joined Tolkienists in role-playing sessions; others are members of a dog agility club. As far as I am aware, all over the world teenagers have great time: British teens play rugby and have boat races; American boys are nuts about baseball or basketball and girls become cheerleaders. If one stays active and healthy, it’s cool to be a teenager.

By Susanna Seropyan


Some teenagers say it’s a chore to study at school and to help one’s parents at home. Of course, it’s true but, in my opinion, teenagers must do it. It’s their responsibility. I would like to express my ideas more clearly and tell you my understanding of what a family is.

Any family is in charge of the welfare, comfort, health, success in work, and good relations of every member in the family. As for me, I have always been conscious that the interests of my family ought to be more important than my own wishes and desires, such as buying expensive new things or hanging around with some pals. Let me explain. I am so grateful to my mother who has always been doing all the necessary things for us. She is a housewife and a great cook. We try to help her and do the chores. Dad often goes to the market. My brother and I do the shopping in turns. Everyone in the family is responsible for cleaning and repairing things. In order to have a loving family every person ought to do the chores. That is the way I see it.

As for doing homework, it’s a chore without any doubt. But we must do it. Otherwise all our school studies are a waste of time. Just think how hard it would be to get knowledge if we didn’t do exercises and learn things day after day! I don’t like to complain. I don’t like young people who keep saying that going to school is a nuisance.

By Alexander Styrov

Оформив проект фотографиями из семейного архива, выполнив коллаж, приклеив вырезки из различных молодежных журналов или взяв слоганы молодежных акций из Интернета, учащиеся перешли к защите своих работ. Для высказывания своего мнения учащиеся использовали следующие выражения:

In my opinion …
As for me …
As far as I am aware …
Moreover …
In addition …
Furthermore …
In conclusion …
To sum it up …

Для согласия/несогласия с мнением того, кто защищает свой проект, и просьбы объяснить что-либо использовали следующие разговорные выражения:

That’s just what I was thinking. I couldn’t agree more.
That is not the way I see it. Actually I think …
I don’t see what you are getting at. I didn’t quite get what you meant …
I don’t follow what you are saying about …

Submitted by Irina Ishkhneli,
School No. 1738, Moscow


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