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Сообщение темы и цели урока.

1.Today our lesson will be unusual.

Have you ever been to England

Have you ever been to London

Have you ever walked the streets of London

Have you ever seen the sights in London?

I suppose you haven’t. Now you have such an opportunity. At our lesson we’ll make a trip to London. And I think you would like to do it all together. London is the capital of England, the capital of Great Britain and the capital of the UK. It’s one of the oldest and most interesting cities in the world. We’ll see attractive places, you’ll know some important facts about history and other useful facts.

Слайд 4

  1. Речевая разминка

I That’s OK. This video is very attractive, isn’t it?

I want to visit London very much, and you?

Answer some questions: Why would you like to visit London?

P. I’d like to visit places of interest.

P2 I’d like to know more about it’s history

P3 I’d like to meet interesting people etc.

I Who would you like to go to London with?

P1 I’d like to go to London with my friends.

P2 I’d like to go to London with my parents

P3 I’d like to go to London with my classmates etc.

Слайд 5

I Oh’ It’s very nice let’s do it now together.

Слайд 6

  1. Работа с лексическими единицами

I But first of all let’s learn to pronounce some geographical names. I’ll read the words and you’ll repeat then:

Big Palace

Trafalgar Tower

Blood London

White Bridge

Buckingham Ben

West minster Square

The Houses of Tower

The Tower of Parliament

Режим T-CI; P1, P2 etc

Б) T. Now match the words from these columns and read the word combinations

Слайд 7

Режим P1 P2

В) T. Very good and just now have a look at the map of London and show these places on the map.

(студенты находят достопримечательности на карте Лондона)

Слайд 8

  1. T. You know the places of interest very well, use them in your dialogues. First, read the dialogues then make your own using the words

Режим P1-P2

Ex. –What would you like to visit in London ?

-Oh, there are so many places to see. But l like to visit the lower of London.

-I’d like to visit the Ceremony of keys.

T. Now dramatize your dialogues.

Oh, perfectly done

  1. Проверка домашнего задания.

  1. T. It’s high time to check up your home task.

How well you know the words about the topic.

Your task will be to complete the word map with words below.

Show me your works. Read the word map.

Слайд 9

  1. T. London is full of historical places.

Let’s see your presentation about London its history and places of interest. But just imagine that you are a group of Russian tourists in London for the first time. You want to see the most famous sights of London. And these ladies and gentlemen are guides from the London Tourists Information office. They will show you London . Ask them as many questions as possible. Let’s start.

Слайд 11

  1. T. Now let’s review the grammatical material.

Take your cards and use the articles where it is necessary, then make a conclusion.

Слайд 25

Вывод. Артикль не употребляется с географическими названиями. Мы не употребляем артикль перед названиями улиц, площадей, аэропортов, школ, но мы употребляем артикль the с названиями отелей, ресторанов, театров, кинотеатров, музеев, галерей,

  1. Аудирование.

T. Now you’ll get some more information about London.

You’ll watch a part of a film and do the exercises .Let’s look through these exercises.

Exercise 2. Watch the film and circle correct answers.

Exercise 3. Complete the sentences below with numbers from the box.

You will watch twice. Watching you may make notes.

Let’s check up your works.

Слайд 26

  1. Работа с текстом.

T. Traveling about London you need some tips. Let’s read these tips.

  1. But first of all let’s read and translate some new words from the text.

Режим T-Ce; P1 P2

After reading you’ll do exercise. And circle the best answers.

I think these tips are very important and useful and you’ll follow them.

After reading

Let’s check up your answers.

Слайд 27

  1. In some minutes our lesson will finish and

I want to check up your knowledge about London and its sights. Do these test you will have only 5 minutes.

Слайд 28

  1. Our lesson has finished. I hope very much that you have enjoyed our tour of London. And I’d like to know you impression of our lesson. Use the following phrases.

As for me

In my opinion

Personally I

Of course

I think that.

Слайд 29

Now our lesson has finished. Your marks are……Thank you.

Your home task is to translate these proverbs and find Russian equivalents.

See you next time.

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