План урока. Цель: Закрепление темы " My house ( My flat )"

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План урока.

Цель: Закрепление темы My house (My flat)”

Структура There is (are)

Наглядность: ЛСМ, картинки с изображением квартиры, картинки с изображением комнат.

November 27.

На доске: Theme “My house. My Flat. There is, there are.”

Ход урока:

  1. Организационный момент.

Good morning boys and girls. I’m glad to see you. Today we are going to talk about your house or your flat. We have guests. The want to know everything about your house or your flat. Your task to tell everything about it.

  1. Речевая зарядка.

Repeat after me all together.

A house – to live in the house

A living room – there is a living room in my house

A dining room – there is a dining room in my house

Bedroom – there are a two bedrooms in my house

A bathroom – there is a bathroom in my house

A kitchen – the is a kitchen in my house.


  1. Now look at the black board.

t: You can see a plan of Misha’s flat. What can you see? What can you tell us about Misha’s flat?

  1. t: What about you? Have you a house or flat Anzhelica?

A: I have a house.

t: Tell us about your house. Go to the blackboard. You may use the scheme.

A: ………

t: Listen carefully.

  1. What is there in her room?

  2. What is there in her bedroom?

  3. What is there in her bathroom?

  4. What is there in her kitchen?

  1. Let’s read.

Open your books at p. 106, ex, 6.

Read and translate.


Whose rooms is the best?

p: Misha’s room is the best.

  1. Who want to tell us about the best room in your house.

Go to the blackboard.

  1. Физ. минутка.

Now let’s have a rest.

Ann go to the blackboard. Stand up.

  1. Аудирование.

I’m going to give such cards. Look at me.

1 строчка – названия комнат.

Сейчас я прочитаю пять текстов. Каждый текст имеет свой номер. В тексте описывается какая-то комната.

Во вторую строчку вы будете вписывать номер текста в котором описывается одна из комнат.

Write your surname.

Let’s check.

Если ответ правильный – вы ставите один балл в третей строчке. Если ответ не верный вы ставите «X».

Затем суммируете баллы и выставляете в графе «Mark».

  1. Диалог.

Now let’s play the well known game 20 questions. One of you will think of the name of the room. All the rest will try to guess it by asking yes/no question. Who will think of the room.


  1. You are getting good and excellent marks . Thank you.

Д/З: Open your record books. Рассказать о доем не пользуясь схемой.


“My home is my castle”

“East or west , home is best”

“There’s no place like home”
сли остается время, то:

Let’s do this test.

  1. My room ….. not big.

  2. There ….. two beds, a chair, a ….. in my room.

  3. There ….. a computer ….. the table.

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