Тема: The Earth is in Danger '' мета: Навчальна

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Тема: "The Earth is in Danger ''



  • ознайомити учнів з новою лексикою та активізувати її вживання в мові, розширити знання учнів про проблеми екології та навколишнього середовища, природні катаклізми;

  • збагачувати словниковий запас учнів;

  • вдосконалювати навички читання й усного мовлення;

  • формувати навички вимови; вдосконалювати навички монологічного висловлювання з опорою на лексико-граматичну структуру;


  • розвивати культуру спілкування й мовленнєву реакцію учнів;

  • запитувати і надавати інформацію;

  • вміти здобувати інформацію з текстів, висловлювати власні думки і припущення;

  • розвивати в учнів увагу, пам'ять, кмітливість та мовну здогадку;


  • виховувати самостійність, зацікавленість у вивченні іноземної мови, чіткість висловлення думки;

  • виховувати ввічливе ставлення один до одного.


Девіз уроку:

"The man does better who runs from disaster than he who is caught by it."

І. Організаційний момент (1 хв.)

Good morning, dear friends! I am glad to see you. Let’s begin our lesson.

Look at the screen. Read the slogans and try to guess what we are going to discuss today.

The world we live in is really wonderful: blue oceans, seas and rivers, mountains, hills, fields and valleys. We live surrounded by this beauty.

Dear boys and girls, we are going to speak about Nature, ecological problems, how to save our planet. I think our life is very important. We live on the planet and there are a lot of people who think about the future of the planet. Some people take care of animals, others take care of birds, others are in charge of the forests. And we must be worried about nature too.The topic of our lesson is "The Earth is in Danger ''

ІІ. Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення

Перевірка домашнього завдання

Перегляд фільму « The earth is in danger» Now let's talk about this film . What does it tell you about? Now please tell me what must we protect ? What and whom must people save ? What must we keep green ? clean ? alive ?
Journalist’s interview with the members of Greenpeace. 

Now I’m going to speak with the Leader of Greenpeace, the international organization whose members work actively to protect the environment from the damage caused by the industrial process of military activities.

J: Hi! Would you tell us about the history of the organization? Добрий день! Можете розповісти про історію організації?

M: Hello! Greenpeace has been campaigning against environmental degradation since 1971. We have 25 departments in different countries and we promote important actions all over the world.

J: Thank you. Please, tell me about the role of teenagers in Greenpeace. Do you have teen’s departments in the organization? Дуже дякуємо! Скажіть будь-ласка про роль підлітків в Грінпіс. Ви маєте підліткові структури в вашій організації?

M: Of course. We have teen’s division. We want to involve teenagers all over the world in the activity of Greenpeace.

J: Tell me about the future actions of Greenpeace, some “green” events.

M: Ok. I’d like to tell you about the nearest event. We’ll have a camp on different seasides and take care of sea birds. Many petroleum companies get a litter into the sea. Oil can be on wings of the birds, they can’t fly. We will wash the birds from the oil. This is a volunteer action.

J: It’s a great action. I think many people all over the world want to help sea birds. You and Greenpeace have a really great activity.

M: Thank you very much. We take care about our environment, because our planet is our house and our children’s house. We can make our environment more protective. Members of Greenpeace hope, that more people will be interested in the protection of our planet.

J: I’ve heard about Genetically Engineered Food and what’s your attitude to this problem?

M: Greenpeace organization also takes actions by sending MPs protest letters against GMO. Genetically modified crops including potatoes, maize and oilseed rape are already being grown in 140 test sites. No one needs GM food, except the companies investing in it. The only reason for its existence is to increase business profits.

P1.Look at the breakboard. I want to tell you about our Earth. I want to say what people ruins and want they can lose. Many people want to save the Earth, but they don`t know how to do it. They don`t know how to protect wild animals, plants, and how to keep water clean and air fresh. Water is very important in the life of people. There is a lot of water on our planet. It is in rivers, oceans, lakes and seas. At the same time there is a little water on the planet. In many lakes and rivers the water is very dirty. Sometimes people can`t swim in seas, rivers and lakes because water is dirty. In many places water is not able to drink and it is dangerous to use it when you cook. Even fish die in such water. Some people`s activities do a lot of harm to the forests. People cut down trees to build farms, homes and roads. Many animals and plants lose their homes. Many of them die. This is bad for the air of the Earth too. Modern plants and factories send a lot of smoke in the atmosphere. This is very bad, because nowadays it`s difficult to breathe in big cities. So, the problem now is to protect life on the Earth, and to save our planet for the future. I believe that we must think about our planet and we mustn`t cut down trees, dump to the rivers. Then in the future our world will be beautiful.

P2. April 22 is earth day. People all over the world think about our planet. They think about air, water, plants and animals on the Earth. They say our planet is in danger. Many people do not know how to protect animal and plant worlds, how to keep the waters clean and the air fresh. But they are ready to do it. They try and help nature.

Water is very important for life on the Earth. It is in oceans, seas, rivers and lakes. There is much water on our planet and at the same time there is little water on it. It is so because very little water on the Earth is good for drinking. In many rivers and lakes water is very dirty. Sometimes people cannot swim even in the sea because the sea and the seaside are not clean. In many places water is not drinkable. It is dangerous to use it when you cook. Even fish die in such water.

For example Lake Baikal is the deepest freshwater lake on the Earth. It is 1741 metres deep. The lake is very beautiful but now it is in great danger, because of the factories which are near it. At some places the water in the lake is so dirty that it can kill animals and plants in Baikal and near it.

The way people live has changed the climate on our planet. Nowadays the temperature is rising. You do not have real Russian winter in Moscow any more. In the north of Europe the climate has become milder and warmer too.

If the temperature grows by 3-4 degrees it will be impossible to live on the planet.

Some people’s activities do a lot of harm to the forests. People cut down trees to build farms, homes and roads. Many animals and plants lose their homes. This is bad for the Earth’s air too. Modern plants and factories send a lot of smoke into air. This is also very bad, because nowadays it’s difficult to breathe in big cities.

So, the problem now is to protect life on the Earth, to save our planet for people.

P3.Our slogan is: Save our planet! Join it!

Okey,we are doing some exercise. Look at your table.

Match the words with the appropriate definition:

  • drought

  • typhoon

  • volcano eruption

  • flood

  • tsunami

  • earthquake

  • tornado

  • famine

  • forest fire

  • a disaster

  • a frequency

  • a hazard

  • a threat

  • damage

  • to occur

  • to respond

  • to underflood

  • frequent

  • deforestation

  • Повінь

  • Голод

  • Ризик, небезпека

  • Відповідати, реагувати

  • вирубування лісів

  • посуха

  • цунамі

  • лісова пожежа

  • загроза

  • затоплювати

  • тайфун

  • землетрус

  • катастрофа

  • збиток, шкода

  • частий

  • виверження вулкану

  • торнадо

  • частота

  • траплятися

Fill in the gaps with new words.

1. Zakarpattya suffers ________flood.

2. Polluted water sources are______ to wildlife.

3. The Storm ___________hundreds of houses.

4. The number of damaging insect species _____ to pesticide have multiplied from 160 to 450 since 1960.

5. A third accidental deaths ______in the home.

6. After the floods, contaminated water was a serious _____ to public health.

7. Unfortunately, the_____of serious road accidents increases.

8. The drought could spell ___________for wildlife.
T. Now, pupils, let’s make the Code of Ecological Rules for all people of our town.

I think these rules should be placed all over the forest.

Учні виходять до дошки і записують правила

Code of Ecological Rules.


-Don’t break trees.

-Don’t leave litter.

-Keep the country tidy.

-Respect the life and work of the countryside.

-Keep dogs under control.

-Put litter away.

-Grow trees and flowers.

-Don’t frighten birds and animals.

-Don’t cut wild flowers.

-Don’t burn fires.

T. Our lesson is coming to an end. In conclusion I’d like to tell you that the protection of nature is everybody’s business.

    An outstanding English writer John Galsworthy said: «If you don’t think about the future you will not have it.” Let’s think about the future. Let’s keep our planet tidy and make it better place to live in. Let’s save the Earth for ourselves and for the next generations

We`ll finish it by reflexing our attitude to the discussed problems. I want you to choose a smile-picture of a definite colour to demonstrate your attitude to the importance of problems discussed today:

Yellow colour means that you are in a good mood and you like everything discussed today.

Green colour means your indifference to the discussed problems. Some things were interesting for you, some things not.

Violet colour means that you are in bad mood, you don`t like our lesson, you are not interested in the discussed topic.

T: Thank you. HOMEWORK P.95 Ex. 5 Your marks for the lesson are… Thank you for the lesson.
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