Урок английского языка в 7 классе Travelling: Is It For You?

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Урок английского языка в 7 классе

Travelling:Is It For You?

Остроносова Е. М.

учитель английского языка МБОУ-сош№3 г. Клинцы

Цели и задачи:

Развивать творческие способности учащихся, умение их грамотно демонстрировать и применять в учебном процессе.

Развивать устную речь учащихся, их коммуникативную грамотность, внимательность и умение слушать и уважать собеседника.

Развивать познавательный интерес, желание изучать культуру других стран.

Тренировать в различных видах речевой деятельности (чтении, аудировании, устной и письменной речи).

Стимулировать учебную мотивацию школьников.

Воспитывать уважительное, толерантное отношение к представителям и культуре других стран.


Компьютер, проектор, экран, плакат-растяжка «Travelling», магнитофон, аудиокассета с записями текста для аудирования, песен, презентации на данную тему, карточки самооценки.

Ход урока.

Орг. Момент. Определение темы урока.

T: I’m glad to see you at our lesson today. Watch the film (Look at the blackboard) and define the topic of our lesson.

P: “Travelling: is it for you?”

T: You are right. I think all people like to travel. Do you like travelling? Holidays are the great time for travelling.


T: What will we do at our lesson?

P: We’ll read, listen, tell about your holidays, ask and answer questions, share your opinions.

T: I think you’ll improve your English and get more interesting information about travelling and holidays.

Речевая зарядка.

T: Answer my questions:

How do people travel? (by bus, by train, by plane, by car)

Why do people travel? (to see different places, to meet new friends, to see different cultures, systems of values, styles of life).

T: Be attentive and answer my questions:

What is the largest continent in the world? (Asia)

What is the deepest lake in the world? (The Baikal)

What is the saltiest sea in the world? (The Dead Sea)

What is the largest sea in the world ? (The Coral Sea)

What is the longest river in the world ? (The Nile)

What is the largest country in the world ? (The Russian Federation)

Активизация устной речи. Работа в парах

T: Imagine you are going to travel. What will you do? Work in pairs and fill in the table (ex. 7 p. 55)

If I go camping, I can

If I go to the village, I can

If I go abroad, I can

If I go to a big city, I can

Which of these things can you do?

Which of these things do you want to learn?

P: If I go camping, I can put up a tent, play the guitar at the campfire, swim, make a campfire, pick berries and mushrooms, go fishing.

I can…

I want to learn to…

Повторение и закрепление грамматического материала

T: Imagine. You are returning home after your travelling. What will you do?

P: I’ll tell my parents and friends about it.

T: What will you do if your friends live very far in different cities and you can’t phone him?

P: I’ll write him a letter.

T: You are right. Now read the letter about holidays in Spain and do some tasks.

T: В каком времени обычно пишут письма о событиях, которые происходили в прошлом? Как образуется прошедшее простое время?


_HE___Ved \ V2


__He____did not+V


Did _he___V

What did ___he_______ V



Работа с письмом.

T: Read the letter, put the verbs in the correct form and answer the questions. You can use the list of irregular verbs.

115 Parklane Drive


15 August 2008

My dear Mary!

Last summer my husband Danny and I travelled abroad. We went to Spain. We had wonderful holidays. The weather was wonderful. It was hot and sunny.

I went to the beach, swam in the sea and sunbathed all morning. I relaxed near the swimming pool in the afternoon. I met some nice people at the hotel. We ate at the restaurant and went dancing in the evening. We had a lot of fun at beach parties and discos. Sometimes we went shopping. It was so exciting. I bought a lot of good things, but I didn’t tell Danny about it. And Danny didn’t ask any questions. He is such a dear husband. I had a really great time.

Danny relaxed at the bar all the time. He didn’t swim in the sea. He didn’t go shopping or dancing. He didn’t eat. He drank bear. We didn’t say a word to each other, as we didn’t see each other much. He says he had fantastic holidays too.

But why did we spend so much money?

Best wishes,

Complete and answer the questions

1. Where and when ___ Sharon and Danny travel?

2. Did they __ to France?

3. ____ was the weather like?

4. What ___ Sharon do?

5. Where did ____________swim?

6. ___ did Sharon and Danny relax?

7. Where ___ Sharon eat?

8. Did ____________meet some old friends there?

9. Did Sharon __ shopping?

10. Did Danny __ to the beach?

11. ____ did he eat?

12. What do they think about _____ holidays?

T: Now check yourself.

1-2 – «5»

3-4 – «4»

5 – «3»

>5 – «2»

T: Answer the questions.

1. Where and when did Sharon and Danny travel?

2. Did they go to France?

3. What was the weather like?

4. What did Sharon do?

5. Where did she (Sharon) swim?

6. How did Sharon and Danny relax?

7. Where did Sharon eat?

8. Did she (Sharon) meet some old friends there?

9. Did Sharon go shopping?

10. Did Danny go to the beach?

11. What did he eat?

12. What do they think about their holidays?

T: You will answer the questions in oral form.

T: Write down your marks in your lists.


T: Holidays are the great time for teenagers, they can travel too. Mark Farell is a reporter. He talked to teenagers about their holidays. Now let’s listen to him and do some tasks.

There are few difficult words and expressions in the text. Listen to them and repeat after the speaker.

jet-skiing — водные лыжи

snorkelling — плавание под водой (с маской)

culture — культура

to treat smb. относиться к кому-л.

lecturer — лектор

to allow to do — позволять делать

amazing place — удивительное место

to be full of life — полный жизни

Listen to the text and answer the question:

What is this text about?

Where did they spend their holidays?


We all love holidays. But what is the perfect holiday? Mark Farell talked to some teenagers in London about their experiences and about their ideas for a dream holiday.

Nadia, 17. We go to Ireland every summer, because my mum Irish and we always go and visit her family. It's good in see all my cousins and everyone. Two years ago I went to Egypt and met my family in Cairo — my dad's Egyptian. Then my cousins and I went to the Red Sea, which I thought was beautiful. We did a lot of water sports. We went jet-skiing, snorkelling, and we went on a banana boat and things like that. It was really good fun.

My ideal holiday would be to go to Brazil, to Rio de Janeiro. Latin American culture is interesting.

Terry, 17. Last month I went on a college trip, to France, Which was a lot of fun. We weren't treated like kids; the lecturers gave you freedom — you were allowed to do whatever you wanted.

In the summer I usually stay in London arid go out with my friends. But three years ago I went to Hong Kong. It's an amazing place. It's a beautiful city and it's really full of life: there's never a time when you have to go to sleep.

My dream holiday would be to go with my friends to Hawaii or somewhere like that.

Listen to the text again and do some tasks. Before listening you have 2 minutes to read the tasks.

Choose the most appropriate variant of "the sentence that corresponds to the main idea of the text.

The text is about

a) Teenagers' dream holiday

b) Nadia's visit to Egypt.

c) Terry's college trip to France.

Choose the right answers.

1) Why does Nadia go to Ireland every summer?

a) Because her father is Irish and they always visit his family

b) Because her mother is Irish and they always visit her family

c) Because she has a boy-friend there.

2) Where did Nadia spend her best holiday?

a) in India

b) in Syria

c) in Egypt

3) Who did Nadia go to the Red Sea with?

a) with her friends

b) with her parents

c) with her cousins

4) What would Nadia’s ideal holiday be?

a) to go to the USA

b) to go to Latin America

c) to go to the UK

5) Last month Terry went on

a) a college trip

b) a business trip;

с) a journey;

6) Where did Terry go to three years ago?

a) Hong Kong

b) Egypt

c) Canada

7) What would Terry's dream holiday be?

a) to go to India

b) to go to Hawaii

c) to stay at home
Do the comprehension test. Agree (+) or disagree (-) with the following statements.

a) Every summer Nadia goes to Ireland because her mum is Irish.

b) Nadia's best holiday was five years ago.

c) Nadia's father is Egyptian and her mother is Irish.

d) Nadia went to the Black Sea with her cousins.

e) Nadia went jet-skiing, snorkelling and on a pine-apple boat.

f) Nadia's ideal holiday would be to go to Russia.

g) Last month Terry went on a college trip to France.

h) The pupils were treated like kids there,

i) Three years ago Terry went to Hong Kong.

j) Terry's dream holiday would be to go to Cairo.

4. a

5. 1) b 2) c 3) c 4) b 5) a 6) a 7) b

Now check yourself.

1 – «5»

2 – «4»

3-4 – «3»

>4 – «2»

Answer my question

What is your dream holiday?

Where would you go?

Активизация навыков чтения. Работа над творческим проектом.

T: You have to read students’ projects on different topics and do the task

The first project is «Camping»


I have a pen friend in America. His name is Mike Thompson. We write letters and communicate in the Internet.

He is an ordinary American boy. He lives in Florida with his parents. In July, I invited him to visit Russia. He did not want to go to a big city and I offered him to go camping. He was very happy, because he liked camping very much.

We went camping early in the morning when he found a nice place. We put up a tent and made a campfire. We cooked our food on it; we ate burnt potatoes, sausages and vegetables. Mike didn’t know Russian and we spoke English. We picked up berries, mushroom, swam in the river, and went fishing. In the evening we gathered at the campfire and sang a song. «Фестивальная». It is the best known song of all tourists in Russia.

Вопросы классу:

Do you lire camping?

Why or why not?

In the Village

I’d like to tell you about my last summer holidays. First, we went to the country. There is nothing like our village. Our family has got a small country house there. Our grandparents live in the village. There is a large river there. We often went boating, swimming in the river. The weather was always fine and we liked to be outdoors. We went for long walks to the forest, picked flowers, gathered berries and mushrooms. We made jam and salads. We watered plants in the garden, fed domestic animals and birds and helped our grandmother about the house.

My grandfather was a partisan and in the evenings he told me about his young years and we sang partisans songs. He told me the famous song “Katyusha” was the hymn of Italian partisans.

I met many new friends there. We went to the local library and when the weather was bad we read many interesting books about Russian history, symbols, tsars. Now we know “Matreshka” is the national Russian toy. Many villages in Russia are famous for their specific crafts: painted boxes in Palekh, wooden tableware in Khokhloma and toys in Dymkovo.

Вопросы классу:

What is the national Russian toy?

What song was the hymn of Italian partisans during the world war the second.

Let’s have an excursion

Moscow and St. Petersburg

We went to Moscow last summer. It was my first visit. I was very happy and excited. Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There are o lot of old cathedrals, churches and monuments in Moscow. The heart of Moscow is Red Square. The main Kremlin Tower, the Spaskaya Tower has become the symbol of Russia. There are great old cathedrals and historical monuments on the territory of the Kremlin. They are the Bell Tower of Ivan the Grate, the Tsar Bell, the Tsar Cannon, the biggest cannon and bell in the world.

I went to St. Petersburg with my parents. It’s the second largest city in Russia. It was founded by Peter the Great in 1703. The Hermitage, the Winter Palace, the Russian Museum, the Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac’s Cathedral is in it. St. Petersburg is famous for its beautiful white nights.

Moscow and St. Petersburg are attracting many tourists from every corner of the world every day.
Вопросы классу:

What is the heart of Moscow?

What is the biggest bell in the world?

What sightseeings can you see in Red Square?

Who was the founder of St. Petersburg?

What is the most famous museum in St. Petersburg?

Путешествие в Англию (Лондон)


London is the capital of Great Britain. It’s a city of dream for everybody interested in English history and culture.

The Tower of London is a very old building. It’s more than 900 years old. English kings lived in it many years ago. It was a fortress, a royal palace and a prison. But now it’s a museum. The ravens are another famous sign of the Tower.

St. Paul’s Cathedral is the largest church in England. It is the beautiful building with many columns and towers. In one of them there is one of the largest bells in the world.

Trafalgar Square is the center of London. It is the most beautiful square in it. It is usually full of visitors feeding the pigeons and looking at the statues fountains. In the middle of the square you can see Nelson’s column.

The Houses of Parliament is a symbol of London. Big Ben is a large clock in one of the towers of the Houses of Parliament. It is the seat of the British Parliament.

Buckingham Palace is the London home of the Queen. When the flag is flying on the top, she is at home.

Westminster Abbey is situated opposite the Houses of Parliament. It’s one of the most beautiful and famous churches in London.

Nearly all English kings and queens have been crowned here. Many famous British people were buried here: Newton, Darwin, Dickens, Kipling and others.

a city of dream-город мечты


royal palace-королевский дворец

a prison-тюрьма

The Tower-Тауэр


St. Paul’s Cathedral – Кафедральный собор Святого Павла



Trafalgar Square-



Nelson’s column-колонна Нельсона

The Houses of Parliament-Парламент

Buckingham Palace- Букингемский дворец

Westminster Abbey- Вестминстерское Аббатство

To be famous for- быть знаменитым

Вопросы классу:

What is the capital of Great Britain?

What are the most famous places in London?

What is the home of English Queen?

What is the Tower famous for?

Домашнее задание

T: What will our homework be? At home you have to make a report about your travelling.


T: You’ve prepared and worked perfectly at our lesson. Did you like it? What new information did you get to know?

What was interesting/new/difficult?

What places would you like to visit?

What would you like to see?

Подведение итогов, выставление оценок.

T: I’ll give you excellent marks for your projects, they were very interesting. Our lesson is over. Good bye. I wish you good luck! Thank you.


Watch the video about the most interesting and beautiful places on our planet.

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