Урок по английскому языку в 6 классе по теме

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Обобщающий урок

по английскому языку в 6 классе по теме:

The Seasons and the Weather”

Разработала и провела

учитель английского

языка Плахотина Н. Н.

Цель урока – формирование навыков  монологической и диалогической речи, аудирования, чтения, закрепление придаточных предложений реального условия.
Воспитательные задачивоспитание иноязычной культуры, уважения к ней, воспитание готовности к общению, продолжение формирования страноведческого кругозора, воспитание любви к родине, родной природе
Развивающие задачи – развитие логического мышления, речевой догадки, смекалки и воображения, творческого мышления.
Ход урока

1. Оргмомент:

- Good morning children! I’m glad to see you in our class. Who is on duty today?

- What date is it today?
- What day of the week is it today?
- Who is absent today?
- How are you?


P5 : I am fine, thanks. And you?

Teacher:( I am not well today. I have headache. I think because the weather is bad today).

I am fine, today. The sun shines brightly, the birds sing songs. It is wonderful!

The weather has influence on our health and our mood. When we speak about it we use the word ″weather″.

2. Фонзарядка:

Say please, what sounds has the word weather. These sounds we have not in Russia language.

P1 [ w]

Teacher: Well, it's right. Say all together. [ w] [ w] [ w], weather, what,why

P2 [ ð]

Teacher: It's right. Say all together. [ ð] [ ð] [ ð]. Tell me the words with this sound.

P1P2… weather, that, these, mother, father, etc.

Teacher: What sound we have not else in Russia language?


Teacher: It's right. Say all together[θ][θ][θ].Tell me the words with this sound.

P1P2….theatre, cathedral, thank.

Teacher: Now, children, guess, why I have today wonderful mood?( why am I in a bad mood?)
- What is the weather like?
- What colour is the sky?
- Is it cold / snowy / sunny / …?
- What is the temperature of the air today?
- Describe today’s weather!
3. Объявление цели и задач урока:
Teacher: What about we say today at the lesson? What is the theme of our lesson?
P1- I think the theme of our lesson is “The Seasons and the Weather”.
Teacher: Yes, it's right. Today we’ll talk about seasons and weather. People always talk about weather. If it is cold – they talk about weather, if it is hot – they talk about weather.

When we describe the weather we use following words.

4. Активизация лексики по теме:
Let’s remember our words about seasons and the weather
(карточки со словами)

w - - th - r (weather)
s - - - - n (season)
t - - - - - - - - - e (temperature)
c - - - d (cloud)
s - - sh - - e (sunshine)
f - - - t (frost)

s - - - m (storm)

m - - - - l - - s (marvelous)
t - - - - - le (terrible)
ch - - - - - - le (changeable)
unpre - - - - - - le (unpredictable)

5.Совершенствование навыков говорения.

На доске 4 фото разных времен года.

Teacher: How many seasons are there in a year?

P: There are 4 seasons in a year.
Teacher: What seasons are they?

P 1: They are winter, summer, autumn and spring.

(Работа в группах)

I know Olga has birthday on autumn. Olga, Nadja describe please this season.

And Dima likes to skate. He is the best in the class. Describe please the winter.

The spring is a fine season; it is so beautiful to see new leaves, grass and flowers. Describe please, this season Artyom and Misha.

The summer is a favourite season of all pupils. They have holidays. It your task Nastya and Anzhela/

Динамическая пауза

6. Teacher: Now let's play.

Please, try to guess what season it is. (Pupils read the words on the blackboard and call the seasons.)


1) warm clothing, below zero, storm, ice ;

2) wet, snowdrops, grass, birds ;

3) lie in the sun, sea, holidays, hot.

P 1: It's winter. P 2: It's spring. P 3: It's summer.

7. English traditions.

Teacher: Do you know English traditions?

P1: Yes, we do.

Teacher: Do they often speak about the weather when they meet?

P2: Yes, they do. They often speak about the weather when they meet.

Teacher: Why is it so?

P3: The weather in England is changeable.

P4: The weather is wet, foggy and rainy.

Teacher: What’s the reason? Why the weather is changeable?

Think and answer.

P 1: Great Britain is an island.

P2: There is water around it.

P 3: There is Atlantic Ocean near it.

P 4: There are seas around it.

8. Диалогическая речь.

Teacher: English people like to speak about the weather. They think you are not polite if you don’t speak about weather 100 times a day. Please, show us that you are polite.

Предполагаемый диалог:

1 pair:

P.1: - Hello, Kate!

P.2: - Hello, Bob!

P.1: - How are you?

P.2: - I’m fine, thank you, and how are you?

P.1: - I’m very well, thank you. Would you like to go for a walk today?

P.2: - I’m sorry, but I think it’s too cold today.

P.1: - What about tomorrow morning? I hope the day will be warm and sunny.

P.2: - All right, see you tomorrow.

2 pair:

P.1: - Hello!

P.2- Hello!

P.1: - I’d like to know the forecast for today.

P.2- It will be warm, windy, T+20.

3 pair:

P.1: - Hello!

P.2- Hello!

P.1: - How are you?

P.2-I ’m fine. The weather is nice today, isn’t it?

P.1: - It’s wonderful!

4 pair

P.1: - Hello!

P.2- Hello! I’m going to Belgorod tomorrow. What will the weather be there?

P.1: - You are lucky! It will be warm, no rain, and the temperature is 25 above zero.

9. Teacher: O, the weather in Belgorod will be fine. Look at the map please, describe the weather in these countries (учащиеся рассказывают о погоде в разных странах Европы.)
England: It’ll be cloudy and rainy. In the morning it will be foggy. The temperature in London is 20 degrees above zero.
Spain: Cloudy, rainy, wet. The temperature in Madrid is 20 degrees above zero.
France: Sunny, windy. The temperature in Paris is 22 degrees above zero.

Italy: No rain, sunny, hot. The temperature in Rome is 30 degrees above zero.

Russia: Warm, windy. The temperature in Moscow is 20 degrees above zero.
Teacher: And what about our region? Р12, Р3 ( pupils tell about the weather in their region)
10. Грамматика.

Teacher: It's wonderful. But we know that weather influence on our health and mood. Finish please, these sentences:

P1: If it is frosty...

P2: If it is stormy...

P3: If it rains...

P4: If it snows ...

P5: If it is hot ...

Teacher: Look at the blackboard. What two tenses do we use? Let’s complete this rule
If +_____________tense, + ____________ tense      (правило вынесено на доску)
11. Aудирование.

Teacher: Now I’d like to tell you a story about a girl whose life also depends on the weather.

Please, listen carefully. Answer these questions:

What does Ann do if it rains?

What does Ann do if it snows?

What does Ann do if it is frosty?
The story is called “A Trip to London.”

Ann is 11. She studies English very well and recently she has won a trip to London.

Her mother worries about her daughter. What does she worry about? Oh, the weather in London is changeable.

It often rains in London. What do people do in this case? Yes, you are right. They take umbrellas. So Ann says to her mum....  If it rains I will take umbrella.

Sometimes it snows in London. What do people do in this case? Yes, they put on warm coats. So Ann says ... .If it snows I will put on warm coat.

It’s rarely frosty in London but Ann says to her mum ... .If it is frosty I will stay at home.

Р12, Р3
12.Подведение итогов урока.

Teacher: Today we spoke much about the seasons and the weather. Tell me please what the season is better.

Учащиеся делают вывод.

- All seasons are good.

- Everything is good in its season.

13.Домашнее задание.

Teacher: Write down your homework, please. You should prepare a project "Welcome to my village in winter (spring , summer , autumn ).

Thank you for your hard work. It was perfectly done.

Your marks are …
14. Рефлексия.

How do you like the lesson? Show the signs.

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