Виды жилья. Моя комната-моя крепость

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«Средняя школа №1 г. Любани»

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Английский язык. 10 «Б» класс
Виды жилья. Моя комната – моя крепость.

Каток Алла Ивановна,

учитель английского языка

2015 год

Form 10. Тема: Виды жилья. Моя комната-моя крепость.

Цель: совершенствовать навыки чтения и устной речи, лексические навыки.


Обучающие: совершенствовать лингвистическую и речевую компетенцию для выражения собственного мнения путем обобщения единичных знаний по теме в систему; совершенствовать языковую компетенцию учащихся.

Развивающие: создавать условия для развития навыков коммуникативной интуиции и воображения при моделировании ситуаций общения; способствовать развитию внимания.

Воспитывающие: способствовать воспитанию культуры и потребности в практическом использовании языка в различных сферах жизни.

Ход урока:

1. Warm up:

Glad to see you! Let’s start. To begin with, I should say, our home is the most important thing in the world. We’re going to speak about it at the lesson and find out what houses are the best and why. It doesn’t really matter whether your house is large or small, whether it is of a modern or old design – it always remains the place you are most concerned about. I’m sure, that it’s not the size of the place… but the way you feel about it. (Slide 1)

2. Vocabulary practice:

a) You know some types of houses, but not all. (Slides 2-5)

Read the words from the left column and find the definitions for these types of lodgings. (Slide 6)

b) Read the names of the lodgings and match the pictures and the words. (Slide 7)

3. Speaking practice:

a) ---What types of houses do you know?

--- Is there a lot of space in your house?

--- Do you think your house needs any renovation?

---Which type of housing gives more privacy: detached, semidetached, terraced or a flat?

--- Do you have some privacy?

--- What types of houses do most people in Belarus live in? What houses are typical for Britain?

--- What type of house do you live in?

--- Is your house made of wood or bricks?

--- What rooms are there?

--- Have you got your own room ?

--- How can you get some privacy in your flat or house?

--- Do you have all modern conveniences in your house?

b) Work in groups:

Discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of living in different types of houses: blocks of flats, detached houses, semidetached houses. (Slide 8)

c) Where would you like to live: in a modern house or in a period house? Why? (Slide 9)

4. Discussing the proverbs:

a) Make the proverbs and sayings and write them down into your exercise-books.

(Slide 10)

Let’s check them. (Slide 11)

b) Explain how you understand them.

  • There is no place like home.

  • Don’t build your house upon a sand.

  • My house is my castle.

  • People who live in glass houses should never throw stones.

  • Men make houses, women make homes.

  • East or West, home is best.

5. Let’s have a rest. Have you ever dreamt about your dream room? (Slide 12)

Close your eyes, listen to relaxing music and imagine the room of your dream.

---Is your room spacious enough?

Look at the ceiling.— What colour is it?

---Is the ceiling in your dream room high or low?

Look at the floor. — Is there a carpet on the floor? What colour is it?

Look at the windows. — How many windows are there in you room?

--- Are there any curtains on the window? What colour are they?

---What is there near the window?

Look at the walls. — What colour are they?

---Is there a settee in your dream room? Is it big?

---Is there a computer in the room? Where is it?

---Are there books on the shelves?

---Is your room tidy?

---What makes your room special?

Wake up!

6. Reading practice:

a) Open your books at page 48, look through the photos. Which of the things do you think you can find in a girl’s room and which in a boy’s room?

b) Read ex.2a and answer the questions:

---Whose room is it? Why do you think so?

---What do these rooms have in common?

---What makes them different?

c) Agree or disagree with some of my statements. If they are wrong correct them. (Slides 13-14)

  • -Although the boy’s room is very small, it easily holds all the stuff he needs to relax and feel right at home.

  • -You can easily say what type of music the boy listens to by looking though the CDs.

  • -The girl’s room holds lots of personal belongings, which have sentimental value.

  • -There is a collection of posters in the girl’s room, which are her most treasured items.

  • -There is light in the room when the girl sleeps.

  • -The boy looks forward to the day when he moves into his own house.

  • -Whenever the girl is stressed out with school, she likes to go into her room and just be herself.

  • -There are a lot of things in the boy’s room belonged to his granny.

  • -The boy and the girl like their rooms.

d) Ask each other questions using ex.5, p.51, change them into indirect questions. One by one.

7. Round up: My room is my fortress. (Slide 15)

Complete the sentence: I like my room because….

8. Your marks….

Your hometask. Ex.5a, 5b p.51 (describe your room). (Slide 16)

Учитель английского языка ГУО “СШ № 1 г. Любани” Каток Алла Ивановна.

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